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On Monday, May 8th, registration begins at 8:30am at the magnificent Hyatt Regency Embarcadero in San Francisco. Canto’s CEO keynote kicks off at 9:30 am and then you’ll enjoy a full educational summit day, followed by a lively cocktail hour at 5pm with peers, the Canto team and partners.

8:30 AM Registration and Light Breakfast
9:30 AM Canto CEO Welcome, Vision, and Roadmap Jack McGannon, CEO We'll start the Canto DAM Summit with a CEO welcome from Mr. Jack McGannon. He'll share the company vision, product roadmap and conference highlights.
10:00 AM DAM Industry Keynote John Horodyski, Optimity Advisors Making the choice to gaining operational and intellectual control of your digital assets. Any successful DAM requires more than just new technology; it requires a foundation for digital strategy. Attend this keynote to understand the foundations of DAM, how you arrived at your current state of DAM maturity, how to achieve future goals, receive stakeholder satisfaction and learn what we all need to be aware of as we address disruptive digital trends.
10:45 AM DAM Choices: Cumulus v. Flight v. Box Bjorn Pave, POPSUGAR (with Nick Pyne) As a champion of Cumulus at his previous company, Bjorn Pave was eager to introduce digital asset management during his career move to POPSUGAR, global lifestyle media publishing company. However, with an eye on budget, and a lean IT team, they initially tried to "make-do" with file-sharing services. Hear why Box just couldn't scale during this must-attend session; and learn why Flight's simple setup, practical features and ease of use was the best fit for POPSUGAR's DAM needs.
11:15 AM Morning Break
11:30 AM Breaking Free From Dinosaur Asset Management Lisa Graham, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating In this session, Lisa will speak to the challenges of selecting and implementing an improved DAM tool, why they decided on Flight by Canto and valuable insights learned as they launched it to a multi-faceted audience of users.
11:50 AM Cumulus and the Cloud Tom Barnouw, WWE Join the Digital Workflow Systems Director at WWE show a live demo of how they manage over 6 million assets in Cumulus, including professional event photography and other brand assets. Learn how they migrated Cumulus from on-premise to a hybrid cloud environment integrated with Amazon Web Services for high availability and disaster recovery.
12:10 PM Panel Discussion: Organizing and Taxonomy Best Practices Melissa Webster, IDC and Martin Bogan, Elizabeth Bonert, CAE USA Attend this lively Q&A panel discussion to hear best practices and lessons learned for organizing, naming and assigning metadata to your digital library. Join Melissa Webster, Program Vice President for Content and Media Technologies at research firm, IDC, as she moderates an interactive panel with Graphic Designer and Multimedia Department Lead of 8,000-employee aviation company, CAE.
12:40 PM Lunch: Birds of a Feather Networking
2:00 PM CUMULUS BREAKOUT: Top Quality Creative with the Cumulus InDesign Client Laura Myers, PADI Join Laura Myers as she shares best practices for adopting the Cumulus InDesign Client into her creative workflow; and looks at how the solution helps PADI produce leading edge training materials.
2:00 PM FLIGHT BREAKOUT: Take Flight, Usability Tips for your Media Library Brian Trudell, Canto Learn firsthand tips and tricks to make your Flight media library look and work better than ever! Learn best practices for branding Flight to reinforce your company's standards . You'll also learn about the power of Portals and how to effectively setup user permissions, digital rights management and privacy controls for security. We'll even take a brief look at the Flight InDesign Client. This 40-minute session packs a powerful punch of product knowledge. Be sure to download the takeaways samples, which are included with your summit registration.
2:45 PM CUMULUS BREAKOUT: Plan Now or Pay Later: Work Smarter with Cumulus Workflows Michael Gellner, Modula4 Join this session to learn how organizations like yours are using automated workflows to work smarter. Repetitive manual tasks are inefficient and prone to mistakes. In this session Michael will show how, with a bit of upfront planning, workflows in Cumulus can result in significant savings. Work gets done more quickly and costly errors are avoided. He’ll also show specific examples of workflows that have helped Modula4’s clients operate more efficiently.
2:45 PM FLIGHT BREAKOUT: Take Off with the Flight InDesign Plugin Sid Subramanian, Canto Streamline your creative workflow with the Flight InDesign connector. This simple, yet powerful plugin lets you drag and drop images from Flight onto your InDesign layouts. The resulting 'linked image" is actually a URL pointing back to Flight. See this popular connector from Silicon Publishing in action.
3:25 PM Afternoon Break
3:45 PM CUMULUS BREAKOUT: Getting the Most Out of Cumulus Portals Nicholas Anderson, Canto Attend this educational Cumulus session to learn tips for optimizing Cumulus Portals. Head of Technical Support, Nicholas Anderson will guide attendees through setting up a new Portal, ensuring you have the right permissions assigned and branding the portal for optimum user experience.
3:45 PM FLIGHT BREAKOUT: Advanced Options in Flight Sid Subramanian, Canto Join Sid as he takes you through some of the advanced options for business users to do more with their Flight media library. Topics to include: advanced uploader, working in bulk, integrations, advanced permissioning with Flight Workspaces, Google Analytics reporting and more.
4:30 PM CUMULUS BREAKOUT: What's New in Cumulus 10.2 Matthew Keeling, Canto Learn and see what's new in the latest versions, as well as a look at top integrations to Cumulus digital asset management, from Canto's expert veteran, Matthew Keeling.
4:30 PM FLIGHT BREAKOUT: What's New in Flight Lauren Kaufman, Canto Attend this breakout session to learn what's new in the latest versions of Flight. This product tour is unlike any other. You'll discover a number of new ways that Flight can help you work smarter, from mobile photo upload directly into Flight to cropping video on-the-fly and more! This session includes a sneak peek into the upcoming Flight release roadmap as well.
5:00 PM Cocktail Hour and Raffle